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Trump Wins! The Environment Loses!

America has spoken. We chose to pay ourselves now with more fossil fuel energy production, more jobs and domestic corporate profits and push the payments for the impacts of unrestrained greenhouse gas emissions decades into the future for our children, grandchildren, and their children.

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Agribusiness Merger: The Growing Threat to Food Security

Last week Monsanto accepted a buy-out offer from A.G. Bayer.  If approved by U.S. and E.U. regulators, the combined company would produce (control) 29% of seed used for crops globally (, 9/15/16).  But it’s not just seed.  The two companies produce a wide variety of agricultural chemicals including insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides, most infamously Monsanto’s “Roundup” herbicide.  Monsanto has one of the […]

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lunar eclipse 11.16 PM

A Blood Red Lunar Eclipse – Sept. 27-28, 2015

Last night my wife said, “Hey, did you see the eclipse?”  I had forgotten about it.  I ran outside with my camera and took a couple of shots before the moon was completely eclipsed.  A bright halo still shone on one side of the moon. I got my tripod and took a series of photos as it went through and […]

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